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David Hurd's Sailing Resume

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Herreshoff 12-1/2

Herreshoff 12-1/2 - Sanding, Varnishing, Painting, Crewing - Mid-1970's

Owned by my cousin, Wayne E. Hurd, now living in Hobe Sound, Florida. We refitted the boat in the backyard of Halsey Herreshoff, next-door to the Lobster Pot Restaurant, in Bristol, Rhode Island. Wayne kept it on a mooring in Bristol Harbor, where we sailed it out of during the summer. These were my first sailing experiences.

Dad and I in the Sunflower

Snark Sunflower - Owner circa 1975 to mid-1980's.

Dad bought this little sailboat, before we had the Westport house, so we could cartop it to water. He had realized that the sailing bug had bitten me, thanks to Cousin Wayne. We had taken it sailing in Hundred Acre Cove, Barrington; Great Salt Pond, Narragansett; and the East Branch of the Westport River. We started racing in the East branch Racing Association, in Westport, with this boat. I remember wet-sanding the ABS plastic hull, in an attempt to get it to go faster. One day, I'll have to ask my sister what happened to the boat.

O'Day 15, E'toile de Mer - Owner, Captain 1976 to 1984.

Participated with the informal East Branch Racing Association (EBRA) on the east branch of the Westport River, Westport, Massachusetts. The river is a tidal river with numberous islands and one navigable channel. The sailing was fun, but I had to sail with a Portsmouth Yardstick Rating for a spinnaker-equipped boat, but they would not allow me to use my spinnaker. Highlights included scream-reaching past the fleet under spinnaker when I was back in the fleet late-on and sailing over sandbars with the chute up to save a few hundred yards, planing centerboarders are wonderful.


Sunfish - Owner 1980 to 1982.

Just plain fun messing around and gunkholing in Westport. Highlights include sailing (skipping) along during winter storms while wearing two wetsuits, blasting along during thunderstorms and surfing off Horseneck Beach.

IC Logo

International 10-square Meter Sailing Canoe, Galatea - Owner, Builder 1984 to present.

Member of the U.S. 10 Square Meter International Canoe Class Association

Galatea is still under construction. Little more than a pile of bulkheads with lightening holes. News flash - thanks to all you guys and your talk of weight limits, now I have some more ambition, the straightback is setup, now.

Highlights include breathing in mahogany sawdust and getting splinters.

Super Snark

Super Snark - Owner 1985 to 4 July 1999.

Just plain fun messing around on the Loxahatchee River and the Intercoastal Waterway, when I was living in Jupiter, Florida. Then more fun since 1987, back on the East Branch of the Westport River, when I moved back to New England. Patrick enjoyed sailing in it with me, in Westport, since he was 10 months old. Let Cousin Stephen sail it in 1999, and he now loves sailing so much that he talked me into selling it to him.

New York 36, Recursion - Foredeck, Night Helmsman 1989 to 1993

Owned by David and Susan Benua previously of Norwalk, Connecticut, now in Marblehead, Massachusetts. Saturday and Sunday around-the-buoys PHRF racing in western Long Island Sound and distance races as far east as Buzzards Bay light tower, out of Horseshoe Harbor Yacht Club, Mamaronack, New York. Notable races include: Block Island Race, out of Stamford Yacht Club, Stamford, Connecticut; Stamford-Denmark Race, also out of Stamford Yacht Club; Vineyard Race, also out of Stamford Yacht Club; Indian Harbor Spring and Fall Series', out of Indian Harbor Yacht Club, Rye, New York; Manhasset Bay series', hosted by the Manhasset Bay Yacht Club; Larchmont Yacht Club's infamous Drift Week and Block Island Race Week. Highlights have included cookies and beer, many spectacular spinnaker peels and jibes, going up the mast in all kinds of conditions, and email conversations in which preparing the boat for the season becomes an object oriented set of procedures.

Recursion has been replaced by a Mumm 30 named Blew Moon.

Able Pointin 24, Nasty Boys - Foredeck, Trimmer, Tactician 1991 to Fall 1997
Owned by John Farley. PHRF-NB spinnaker rating of 197, non-spinnaker rating of 220. Thursday evening PHRF racing in the upper Narragansett Bay, out of the Narragansett Terrace Club, Bullock's Point, Riverside, Rhode Island. Notable races include the Hospice Regatta, held by the Rhode Island Hospice Association, and the annual Around the Island Race, around Prudence Island. Highlights have included trying to get out of the way of an LPG tanker while remaining in the race, losing the rudder fittings while racing around Prudence Island and getting hit with a squall while under full sail.

Pearson Ensign Logo

Pearson Ensign, Dove - Trimmer 1992-1993
Owned by Andrew Couto, president/CEO of Greenwich Business Systems. PHRF-NB spinnaker rating of 255, non-spinnaker rating of 268. Wednesday evening PHRF racing in the western passage of Narragansett Bay, out of the Wickford Yacht Club, Wickford, Rhode Island.

Notable races include the Newport Michelob Regatta, 1994.

Andy sold the 22-1/2' Ensign and bought the Tripp 26, as it's replacement.

Tripp 26, Sarah B. - Trimmer 1994
Owned by Andrew Couto, president/CEO of Greenwich Business Systems. Wednesday evening PHRF racing in the western passage of Narragansett Bay, out of the Wickford Yacht Club, Wickford, Rhode Island.

Andy sold the 26 and bought the J-30, Drummer, which although I haven't sailed on her, I have purchased her wind instruments, depth sounder, LORAN, and VHF radio. Andy fitted her with new KVH instruments.

Grampy's Catalina 42 - Full House

Catalina 42, Full House - Helmsman, Trimmer June/July 1993

Owned by Robert C. Hogan, my ex-father-in-law. Delivery from Port Jefferson, New York to East Greenwich, Rhode Island, 1993. Newport to Bermuda Cruising Rally, hosted by the Newport Yacht Club, June 1993. Newport to Block Island Cruising Rally, 1993.

Highlights include sailing through a pod of Baluga whales just south of Block Island at sunset.

Our Catalina 27 - The PhoenixCatalina 27, The Phoenix - Owner, Captain 1994 to 2004
Hull number 1603 (1974), sail number 51603, currently awaiting our PHRF-NB rating, it should tentatively be 210-221 spinnaker rating, 232-243 non-spinnaker rating. We have sailed her starting in June 1999, at long last. She handles great, even when there is just plain too much sail up! Our longest excursion so far is 39.7 nautical miles, circumnavigation of Narragansett Bay. We've neared the completion of the overall refitting of almost everything. I have pretty much forgotten about practicing Zen and the art of epoxy work, become one with your boat. Currently, finishing the installation of wind instruments and a Kraco holding tank, to replace the bladder tank installed last summer. Highlights consist of getting towed alongside an open cockpit powerboat from Bristol Harbor to Warwick Cove at the end of November 1994; and the blowing out of the upper shrouds, after the seizing wire holding them in the spreader tips corroded away, while under full sail in about 15-20 knots of wind. The 7-foot tender is now referred to as The Time-Out Boat, hmmmm ... I wonder why.

Mumm 30 Logo

Mumm 30, Blew Moon - Trimmer, Foredeck June 1999, August 1999

Owned by David and Susan Benua in Marblehead, Massachusetts. PHRF-NE spinnaker rating of 51.

Guest appearances, no permanent committments. 31 July & 1 August 1999, for the Marblehead NOOD; trimmer. 27 August 1999, for the PHRF-NE 1999 championships, held off of Marblehead, Massachusetts; trimmed jib upwind and ran foredeck downwind.

J-27, In Sync - Foredeck, Navigation July 1999 to present

Owned by Roger W. and Lisa Bacon, of Barrington. PHRF-NB spinnaker rating of 126, non-spinnaker rating of 142. Thursday evening PHRF racing in the upper Narragansett Bay, out of the Narragansett Terrace Club, Bullock's Point, Riverside, Rhode Island. Bud Humphrey's Regatta September 1999. Highlights include ... being in first place!

J-120, Skimmer - Mainsheet Trim, Navigation 5 September 1999, 10 October 1999, May 2000, May 2002, May 2003

Owned by Ted and Sharon Sybertz, of Sudbury, Massachusetts. PHRF-NE spinnaker rating of 51. Trimmed main for the Conanicut Yacht Club's 1999 Around the Island Race, held on 5 September. We placed 6th on corrected time for the Class A Spinnaker Division, finishing the 18.1 mile course in 2:35:15. The results for this race can be found at: This boat really flies under spinnaker, and it sounds that way as well, like a freight train. Aboard as navigator for the Newport Yacht Club's 1999 Columbus Day Regatta, postponed to 10 October 1999; second place finish at Block Island, by two boatlengths. 29th Annual Figawi Race, May 2000, from Hyannis to Nantucket. 6th place in the 31st Annual Figawi Race, May 2002. Delivery to Hyannis, from East Greenwich, May 2003.

Yellow Fever Virtual Scrapbook

1971 Chubasco Snipe, Yellow Fever - Owner, Captain 7 July 2000 to present

Sail number 18650. I bought this Snipe from Heidi Goethert, of Roslindale, Massachusetts. It is a fun boat to sail and looked wild being towed behind my little Suzuki Samurai. Now, it looks more reasonable being towed behind my Grand Vitara. Hopefully, it will see more of Narragansett Bay and the Westport River, this year. I have joined the Narragansett Bay Fleet last year, and hopefully will be racing off Newport Harbor on Tuesday nights, if I can get crew in a reasonable time.

Highlights of sailing Yellow Fever include have the mast ram blow out it's shackle in a really big gust. This boat readily planes, even on those days that I didn't have a jib flying.

I have pics and video, the Virtual Scrapbook Page is online!

C&C 34, Dark Star - Navigation September 2000 to present

Owned by Mark Gervais, of Medfield, Massachusetts. Highlights include winning the NBYA Champion of Champions Regatta in 2000 and taking third place honors in the 30th Annual Figawi Race, from Hyannis to Nantucket. Dark Star races on Wednesday evenings in the East Greenwich Yacht Club series.

J-22, Seeing Red - Navigation, Trim 14 July 2001

Owned by Abbi Seward, of Warwick, Rhode Island. Highlights include racing the 10th Anniversary Bob St. Denis Memorial Regatta, at RIYC, Spinnaker Division.

12 Metre, Freedom, US-30 - Bowman June 2002 to August 2002

Raced in IYAC Newport Cup Race, bowman. 2002 Edgartown 12 Metre Regatta, bowman.

J-30, Good News - Bowman August 2002

Owned by John Howell of Warwick. Volvo Leukemia Cup Regatta on 17 August 2002, 3rd place in class, of six

Beneteau 36.7, Relentless - Trimmer September 2002 to present

Owned by Bob Laska. Apponaug Yacht Club's Tuesday Night Series, non-spinnaker.

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