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Moss Hall, Old Accrington, Lancashire, England

Map Showing General Area of Moss Hall Farm

My great great grandfather had this listed as his residence on his marriage certificate. I had uploaded an enlarged scan of this portion of the certificate so the handwriting could be viewed. The scan is below.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to respond to my query. Indeed, as many readers had pointed out, the place is Moss Hall, with the first s written as an f.

As Walter Holmes has indicated, Moss Hall is no longer in existance, all that remains is a street named Moss Hall Road, in Laneside, Accrington. Redevelopment around the turn of the 20th century removed the buildings there.

My great great great grandfather, Thomas GILLETT, owned the Moss Hall Farm in 1851 and 1861, as a kind researcher has pointed out. My great great grandfather, John GILLETT, was living there in 1854, when he married Mary Ann RAMSBOTTOM. Mary Ann was from Enfield, Clayton-le-Moors, daughter to Henry RAMSBOTTOM, a butcher.

The farm had two cottages attached. In the 1851 Census, one cottage at Moss Hall Farm was occupied by the widow, Betty NUTTALL, and her children; the other by James LAWSON, and his family. In the 1861 Census, the cottages had two different families.

Thanks again to the respondents, Walter Holmes, George W. Calvert, Tim Shaw, Audrey Kent Wilson, Mag Youngman, Shawn Ford, LC & Larry Whittle and Carl Taylor for their assistance.

Scan of Marriage Certificate Section

This is a scan of the portion of the marriage certificate, for my great great grandparents, wherein the residence is noted as Moss Hall, Old Accrington.

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