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Providence & Worcester Railroad - Train Shipping Coal 2011-04-22

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Bow Coal Train - Providence & Worcester Railroad

Providence & Worcester Railroad coal train of empties, southbound from the Bow power plant, shot from my office window at Dow Street, Manchester, NH on Friday, 2011-04-22. The video is pretty much just the headend power of GMTX 2177 (GP38-2), P&W 3008 (B30-7AB), GMTX 2624 (GP38-2), P&W 3005(B30-7AB), & P&W 2011(GP38), with a trainload of empty coal cars.

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About this Webpage

Sharing a video that I shot with my newly-acquired Motorola Droid X smartphone. This was about the 3rd video that I shot with this phone. As this phone has an HDMI port, I decided to see just how well it shot high-definition video.

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