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Bugaboo - Our Cute Little Bugg, a Pug x Boston Terrier Puppy

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Bugaboo, was born on 12 January, 2009, in Sarasota, Florida, to friends of ours. His mother was a Boston Terrier and his father was a Pug, who is all black. Bugaboo, as we call him, is brindle-colored. He was the runt of the litter, and because he is so short, everybody that sees him thinks that he is a French Bulldog. It got to the point that we decided to find out exactly what a French Bulldog is. What we found out is that Bugaboo is 2/3 of a French Bulldog, but he does have the bat ears that this bulldog is bred to have. A French Bulldog would be a mix of Pug, Boston Terrier, and English Bulldog.

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Bugaboo, looking cute, waiting for his brushing on the park bench

Bugaboo, looking cute, waiting for his brushing on the park bench

Bugg - Bugaboo hamming it up for the camera

Bugaboo, relaxing in the sun. 6 November 2011.

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10/11/2018 07:03 AM
Bugg Dog (Boston Terrier-Pug Mix) Info, Temperament ...
The Bugg Dog is a cross between the Boston Terrier and the Pug. Known for their cute characteristics, these dogs have a short stature with small legs, a straight tail, a rounded head, and a short muzzle ending in a blunt nose tip.
10/10/2018 09:13 AM
Bugg Dog Breed Information and Pictures
Jake the Boston Terrier / Pug mix at 10 months old sitting in the passenger's seat of a Jeep—"He is our little hyper cuddle bugg.He loves sleeping in, going for jeep rides, bouncing off the walls while playing.
10/10/2018 10:10 AM
Meet the Buggs - A Cross Between Boston Terriers and Pugs
Appearance The Bugg is a little bundle of cuteness, and tends to have a mishmash of features, borrowed from the Pug and the Boston Terrier. These include the flat, dark face, the curled tail, and the round, bulging eyes.
10/05/2018 08:50 AM
Pug Cross Boston Terrier | Bugg Information & Pictures
The Bugg is a cross between the pug and the boston terrier. As well as pugs, we also love boston terriers so that we even have a specific section dedicated to tattoos of this squishy faced breed.
10/10/2018 05:55 PM
Bug - boston terrier/pug - Home | Facebook
Bug - boston terrier/pug. 283 likes. Based on my dog Bobby. Bug owners across the world are united. : )
10/03/2018 09:24 PM
Bug puppy boston terrier pug mix
Puppies Boston Terrier put a smile on Baby's face | Cute puppy with baby - Duration: 3:15. Dog Loves Baby 220,721 views
09/22/2018 09:48 AM
24 best Boston Terrier/Pug Mix - Buggs images on Pinterest ...
Murdoch the Bug - Boston Terrier Pug mix (Terrier Mix Brindle) Find this Pin and more on Cute Fury Kids by DixieDoLittle . Murdoch the Bug - Boston Terrier Pug mix. someone else did it with their ugly dog, too.
10/10/2018 03:00 AM
Pugs And Buggs (Boston Terrier And Pug Mix) Public Group ...
The breed is designed by breeding a Registered Boston Terrier with a Registered Pug. They need and deserve a safe, loving, forever home. Their life expectancy is approximately 13 - 15 years, so it is a commitment.
10/08/2018 01:26 PM
Bugg Dog Breed Health, Temperament ... - petguide.com
Both the Pug and the Boston Terrier are brachycephalic dog breeds, which mean your Bugg could develop breathing problems. And because of their protruding eyes, take extra care to ensure debris doesn’t cause vision ailments. Life Expectancy. Buggs have a life expectancy of 10 to 13 years.
10/15/2018 08:05 PM
Pug / Boston Terrier (Bugs) | East London | Gumtree ...
Border Collie Pups for sale - 9 weeks old and ready to go to their new homes. Mother is crossed with Labrador and father is a working Collie. 3 females and 1 male left.

About this Webpage

I have created this webpage to show-off our cute little Bugg, named, aptly enough, Bugaboo.

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